XJS Late Facelift Convertible 2 + 2 Bodyshell

This new bodyshell was recently sold for a project.

It was the final 2+2 version of the XJS Facelift Convertible chassis, Jaguar part number FHF3100BA01

This was the bodyshell (less bootlid/doors/bonnet/front wings) for XJS Facelift from VIN 222632, but would also have been compatible from VIN 195k. It could be fitted with any late XJS engine configuration (4.0 or 6.0) and is appropriate for RHD or LHD. It is probably backward-compatible to some extent, though the rear-seat arrangement is certainly different from the earlier convertibles.

This was probably the last-ever new shell available, bought from Jaguar when their storage facility closed down. Amongst the pictures (of when I collected the shell) is a pile of crushed Aston-Martin bodyshells, as their policy was not to allow any "new" car to be built. The last listed price for the bodyshell on Jaguar’s system was £9191 + VAT.

Of course it was a major project to utilise this, but the buyer completely rebuilt an accident-damaged car into it.  Otherwise it might have been a practical idea to import a crashed or neglected donor from USA and rebuild it with great care here in Europe, to be as good as new.