XJS Convertible 5.3 1988 LHD

This elegant black 5.3 HE Convertible was owned by my late brother, Ian, from November 1989 until he passed away in January. There was one private owner for a year before Ian, but originally the car was owned briefly by Jaguar who used it as the Frankfurt Motor Show and Press car in 1988.

It was an original European spec car, UK registered April 1988, left-hand-drive with KM speedo showing 126,500 km (= 78,000 miles). However, I am not sure whether it was Ian who had the quad headlamps and US-style front indicator lights fitted when he bought it - possibly.

Ian worked in Paris during the 1990’s, but latterly did not use the car much. During the early 2000’s it floated between his garage in Surrey and the garage at our parents’ villa in Javea, Spain, where it resided for around 5 years, before we brought it back in 2013 for him to enjoy in his final months. Since 2014 it resided in professional storage and my home garage.

The car had Jaguar service book stamps up to 1992 (94,000km); thereafter it averaged 2600km p.a., and MOT and service history was local, and latterly supported by me. There was a large folder of bills history going back to 1989. Ian was always fussy, and anxious to keep the car in fine condition. I have been an XJS specialist for 13 years, and so I can say with confidence that it drove beautifully, and was exceptionally clean underneath, having lived mostly in a hot, dry climate, and having seldom been taken out in wet weather.

There’s always something to do on a car of this type - I had both sides of the car repainted front-to-back to cure a couple of imperfections, and car park dings from 20 years; the hood headlining was showing its age; and the aircon needed regassing.

Europe is the ideal home for this car for the reasons of climate and LHD. Ian would have liked me to keep this superb XJS, but I already have two UK Jags and a Ronart, so the LHD aspect made this car the least suitable for me, though I love the smooth, effortless Convertible.

The car was purchased by a classic car dealer in Germany, and transported away.

It soon appeared on the website www.cathedral-classics.com whose Stewart Roy was a pleasure to deal with - and has been sold.