XJS AJ16 4.0 Manual - Collector to Scrap

This late, plastic-bumper Coupé with AJ16 engine and manual gearbox, this unusual model was purchased by old friend Jerry Andrews from a collector who had kept it stored for several years.

As the pictures show, it appeared to be an immaculate example. However - BEWARE buyers of XJS - it had sporadic starting problems. These turned out to be corrosion in the rare manual AJ16 injection ECU; this resulted from severe corrosion and perforation around the windscreen; on the road the car was tired, needing complete overhauls of front and rear suspension in order to make it live up to its promise. In other words it would have needed several £000 spent on it, and so was uneconomic to repair.

It was dismantled. The excellent late leather interior was installed in my car "P101" now sold; and the manual transmission (Getrag 290 5-speed, dual mass flywheel, with pedalbox) was sold as a complete kit ready for conversion of a Series 2 Coupé.